Gideon Letch

What do you play?


Your Influences?

For drums - Matt Sorum (!), Igor Cavalera, Vinnie Paul, Paul Bostaph, Danny Carey, Pete Sandoval, Hell Hammer, Sam Kelly and loads of others. The two most important drummers in my life are, by far, are Mike Portnoy and Gene Hoglan - two distinctive and utterly amazing musicians, who always play for the music, not for themselves (unlike some of these wonder solo drummers).
Have to mention Ned aswell, he's made me a far better drummer than I used to be, and he gives great head!
For music - There is way too much to mention. All I can say is that metal is the most important influence in my life, because it really is the only genre which defines a way of life, not just a taste in music. If you get into metal, the real fans stick with it forever. I know that I will NEVER turn my back on it.
For religion and philosophy - Anton Lavey. Rather an obvious choice, but the guy talks a lot of sense against Christian hypocricy and yet presents himself with such a sense of humour and bravado.

How did you join BR?

I've known Dave for years and always expressed an interest in the band because I've always been a fan of the music. Somehow I managed to convince them to stop playing with a faultless, in time synth drumtrack and replace it with a useless bastard like me - oh well, such is the nature of rock n roll!

Best BR gig?

Fibbers this year. It was unbelievable and I think we played so much better than we had the previous time. I really felt on top of the world because I put some fills in which I'd literally spent months and months thinking about.

Favourite BR song?

Lost Cabal

Top 5 albums?

Opeth - StillLife
Dream Theater - Awake
Guns N Roses - Appetite for Destruction.
Meshuggah - Destroy, Erase, Improve.
Nickel Creek - Nickel Creek.

Please note, this is only what I think at the moment. Beacause I own a lot of albums, the above may change frequently.

What gear do you play?

Yahama DP drums and Yamaha DTExtreme electric kit. DW pedals and anything else I can scavenge off Ned Potter.

Other bands you've been in?

Miasmic Headrush Crisis, Beyond Comprehension, Pillow Talk, Four Horsemen etc etc.

Which foot do you put on the monitor when you're doing a solo?

Evidently I don't do this being a drummer, but I do occasionally stand on the bass drum and spend most of my time trying not to fall orf!

Most embarrasing onstage moment?

Plenty of stick dropping and general fuck ups for BR, but the worst one was for Beyond Comprehension when I wore some leather trousers and the button came off. I spent the entire gig desperately trying to keep them up whilst making sure my penis wasn't exposed to a bunch of long haired men with B.O.!

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